Academic Services

Academic Counseling

The primary emphasis of the academic counseling staff is to assist student-athletes in achieving their personal goals by ensuring they earn a degree in the career field of their choosing and by providing opportunities for personal growth. Additionally, student-athletes will be assigned an official UGA academic advisor according to their school and major.

Academic Mentoring

The Academic Mentor Program features a proactive, rather than reactive, approach by assisting student-athletes in strengthening their time management, organizational and study skills based off their particular learning style. These services and support are designed to facilitate the growth of each student-athlete into a confident, independent student.

Tutorial Program

The Athletic Tutoring Program provides student-athletes with subject-specific assistance beyond that which they receive in the classroom. This is accomplished by providing interactive, objective-based tutoring, as well as study skills assistance. Appointments can be set up during the day around class and practice schedules of the student-athlete.

Other Available Services

  • Smart Classroom equipped with video presentation capabilities
  • Individual study areas available for students-athlete use
  • Nine tutoring rooms with interactive monitor systems
  • Tutoring rooms featuring Mac computers and iPads
  • Writing Center with walk-in writing assistance
  • Mathematics lab with walk-in mathematics, physics and statistics assistance
  • Learning Specialists available for one-on-one and small group assistance
  • Computer labs with links to University’s mainframe, Internet, as well as course-specific software

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