L.E.A.D. Application




  • Please list and describe all collegiate academic honors, including date received. Do not use acronyms.
  • Please list all institutional, NCAA, Conference, regional, state and national athletics honors received. Please do not use acronyms. Examples include: All-American, All-Conference, three-year starter, four-year letter winner, best performances, captain, etc. In an individual sport, do not just put “six-time All-American” – be specific (e.g. “finished 3rd in breaststroke at 2002 NCAA Championships”).
  • Please list and describe any other activities you have been involved with and/or honors received. Be specific as to dates or duration of involvement. Additionally, please list activities and/or honors in order of personal importance. Please do not use acronyms.
  • Please describe in 300 words or less your future plans, including any graduate or professional program that you wish to apply to upon graduation. Please do not use acronyms.
  • Please read the following statement and sign where indicated.

    By signing below, I understand that being a participant in the L.E.A.D. program is contingent upon my attending all L.E.A.D. events. I may be removed from the program and/or unable to compete for a graduate assistantship if I fail to participate fully.

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