Summer 2024 request

This form must be completed by student-athletes who wish to request athletic scholarship for Summer Semester. The amount of athletic aid is limited to the proportion which was received during the regular academic year (example, a student on a book scholarship during the year can only receive book scholarship in the summer, etc).

The deadline for submitting this form is noon on Friday, March 22. At that time, Glada Horvat will gather information from coaches and academic counselors related to the request. A personalized email response will be sent to you before Fall Semester pre-registration begins on Thursday, April 4.

Summer costs will vary depending on the session of the course(s) you take. DO NOT ASSUME anything. EACH STUDENT’S SITUATION IS UNIQUE. You should contact Glada Horvat if you have additional questions after you receive her personalized email reply. Her office is located in room 435 in the Butts-Mehre Building, or you may send an email to:


Sorry. This form is no longer available.


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