Study Abroad & Field Study Assistance


The University of Georgia Athletic Association encourages student-athletes to independently apply and obtain study abroad or UGA field study opportunities.  This program gives student-athletes the opportunity to receive financial assistance to offset the costs of studying abroad or participating in field study courses.



Each year, student-athletes will have the opportunity to submit an application to be considered for financial assistance associated with studying abroad or participating in UGA field study opportunities.  A selection committee will review all applications and the recipients will be notified in a timely manner. A minimum number of credit hours completed at UGA, minimum grade point average and head coach approval will also be required. Awareness of receiving this financial assistance will be facilitated through the administration, S.A.A.C. & L.E.A.D. members, head coaches and academic support staff.



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Leigh Futch

Leigh Futch

Assistant Athletic Director – The Georgia Way
Office: 706.542.0982

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