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The Career Development program is a tiered system that takes our student-athletes through several layers of preparedness. The desired result of which is that, when they are ready to move into life after athletics, individual student-athletes will:

  • Have selected a major that relates to their career interests and plans;
  • Know what jobs and careers best suit their interests and skills;
  • Be aware of job and career opportunities in their fields of interest;
  • Have made connections and developed relationships in those fields;
  • Have a resume that includes experience in the forms of job shadowing and internships.



Each year, student-athletes will take an individualized assessment, complete a series of short, educational training modules, and participate in workshops and activities designed to get them “career ready.” While there will be many aspects to the program, much of it will be offered in conjunction with our partners on and off campus and customized to suit individual student needs.



Our focus is to prepare our student-athletes to be their best in life after athletics. This includes helping them to recognize and market their unique transferable skills, develop and refine interview skills, and gain internship or work experience as an undergraduate. Thus, an important aspect of this preparedness will include forging relationships with companies to ensure that our student-athletes have the ability to participate in networking opportunities, job shadowing and internships.

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Leigh Futch, J.D.

Leigh Futch, J.D.

Assistant Athletic Director – The Georgia Way
Office: 706.542.0982


Tanner Rowlands

Tanner Rowlands

Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Development


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