Graduate assistantship Application

This form is intended for UGA Student-Athlete usage only and for internal informational purposes.  All other applicants should apply through the UGA Job Search portal.

This opportunity is open to those who will be enrolled in a UGA graduate degree program.  Students must have submitted a complete application to the UGA graduate program by the deadline, even though their acceptance may be pending. Applications will be due on December 1st and April 1st of each year. Graduate assistantships are not guaranteed, as availability is limited.

  • Graduate assistantships are positions which receive a monthly salary from August-May.
  • Graduate assistants are expected to participate in assigned internships for 13 hours per week for the term(s) of their graduate program.
  • Tuition will be waived for the graduate program, however the individual is responsible for UGA fees (transportation, technology, activity, etc.) and health insurance costs (unless you can provide proof of coverage).
  • If the graduate program is e-rate only, it is not eligible for a full tuition waiver and only a portion of the tuition can be waived.  The remaining tuition would be the student’s responsibility.  If you are unsure of the tuition rate of a program, please reach out to Glada Horvat.


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