Qualities of a Silent Leader


volleyballPeople shy away from leadership positions because they feel they are not outgoing or loud enough to be a leader. Somewhere along the way we started to confuse being loud with leadership, which is not the case. Often, introverts have a difficult time identifying themselves as leaders due to their quiet demeanor; however, silent leaders can be just as effective, if not more, than vocal leaders. Here are positive qualities of silent leaders:

  • Set examples. Silent leaders recognize they cannot ask someone to do a task that they themselves wouldn’t or haven’t done. They set the example for others to follow. Silent leaders hold themselves to the same (or higher) standard than they hold for others.
  • Trust. Silent leaders do not micromanage or nag others. They demonstrate confidence in others by trusting them to complete the work that has been assigned to them.
  • Humble. Silent leaders show humility in times of success and times of failure. They know it takes a team to accomplish great feats. Silent leaders also take constructive criticism well because they see failure as an opportunity to grow.
  • Listen. By allowing everyone to contribute, silent leaders distribute ownership to the group. When people have a stake in the group, they are more willing to participate and work hard to ensure the group succeeds. Effective listening means everyone is heard and his or her ideas actually have the opportunity to be considered.
  • Think first, talk later. Silent leaders consider others’ comments and reflect before responding. They learn by listening. Silent leaders may not speak often, but when they do, it’s powerful. They focus on the depth of the comment rather than the breadth. .
  • Keep calm. Silent leaders are composed and confident, even in the mist of chaos. Through reflective preparation, they are able to keep cool in different scenarios.
  • Follow through on commitments. Silent leaders do what they say they are going to do. They back up the talk with action. They finish projects they started.



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April 13, 2016

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