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Dear UGA,

I’ve experienced a lot of lasts lately. My last football game, last meet, last team meeting, last class, last exam, last time walking through North Campus with my red and black backpack. Even the smallest things cause a butterfly effect of memories. But what is most impactful about these “lasts” is that they are all connected to a first.

I remember my first football game in Sanford Stadium, cheering on the Dawgs with my new friends and teammates. I remember the first email I got from my coach, saying I’d been invited to join one of the best equestrian teams in the nation. I remember walking on campus as a student for the first time, struggling to carry my backpack (before I realized you don’t have to bring every textbook you own to class.) And sometimes I wish I could forget that defeated feeling of finishing my first general chemistry exam.

From the first first, all the way to the very last last, and every experience in between, this university has shaped me more than I ever could have imagined. I’ve been able to reflect on that a lot these past few weeks. At the end of the day, I’d like to show my gratitude to the best university on the planet. Thank you, UGA.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to truly learn. You’ve provided me with professors who want to prepare me for the future, not just get me through the next test. They’ve taught me the value of going the extra mile, asking questions, and craving more knowledge. Their support is endless, especially when the student-athlete commitment gets hard.

Thank you for bringing some of the most inspiring people into my life. I came to this school not knowing a single person. My new teammates and coaches welcomed me with open arms, making it clear I’d made the right decision. Since then, I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime and gained mentors who will always have an impact on my life. They’ve taught me that UGA is not just a school, it’s a family.

And lastly, thank you to my parents. Without you, I would never get to say any of those things above. I wouldn’t have made these memories, met these people, or gotten an education at one of the best universities in the nation. You’ve guided me in the right direction all my life, and I’m so thankful my path led me to UGA.

Although I’ll have experienced most of my “lasts” by the time I receive my diploma, I know my time here will never actually come to an end. I’m grateful to know that I’ll always have the support of the Bulldawg Nation wherever I go.

Go Dawgs Forever,

Charlotte Anguiano – UGA Equestrian


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May 13, 2021

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