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No matter where life will take me, I know that “artistic swimming” (formerly known as synchronized swimming) will always be a part of me. This is not a big surprise, considering my mother is an artistic swimming coach. I started swimming lessons at the age of 5, moved to artistic swimming lessons at age 8, and started competitive-level practices at the age of 10. By the age of 11, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Israel national team! I traveled and competed internationally several times throughout my years on the team. Fortunately, I won the Israel championships many times too! All of this did not come easily. I was a very busy child. Some people might think that this is being “too tough” on a child, but I am thankful for everything artistic swimming gave me during my childhood.

As an artistic swimmer, I gained important physical skills. I also learned how to work together as a team, acknowledge my mistakes and fix them, manage my time, set priorities, and be responsible for my commitments. Artistic swimming shaped my core values as an athlete, but more importantly, as a person.

Not only did I have the honor to compete as an artistic swimmer, after I chose to quit the national team I started to work as an assistant coach to stay involved with the sport. I coached children at all skill levels and my youth team won the Israel championships two years in a row! Coaching artistic swimming showed me another perspective of the sport, and I am very proud to think about the process that my athletes have been through with me as a coach. Nevertheless, working as a coach taught me to be responsible for others and to appreciate my coaches more than ever.

Looking back, I now know that even though I did not “stick with it” to a professional level, artistic swimming will always be a part of me and have an impact on my decisions and my actions, which is very powerful since it is a sport not many people know about!

Go Dawgs,

Emily Blecher – UGA Equestrian


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April 27, 2021

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