Finals are finished and another semester is completed. The holidays are upon us. As you prepare to celebrate this joyous time of year, we wanted to offer you tips to stay safe during the holidays (and all days throughout the years).


  • Check weather alerts before you leave. If there is inclement weather, plan accordingly.
  • Check your tire pressure and headlights before starting on a long drive. (Read more about car maintenance here).
  • Travel with a blanket and snacks in your car in case you have to stop along the side of the road due to weather or car troubles.
  • Tell your parents, friends, and/or coaches about your travel plans (to and from Athens) so they will know when to expect you.
  • Fully charge your phone before leaving for your destination. If it’s a long drive, consider purchasing a portal phone charger for your car.



  • Be aware of your surroundings. Lock your doors, roll up your windows, and hide all valuables out of view when you go inside. Locate your keys prior to leaving the store to go to your car.
  • If you’re shopping when it’s dark outside, park in a well lit area.
  • If you stop for a coffee break to refuel during your shopping spree, watch your bags. It’s wise to put them under the table or on your lap.
  • If you’re shopping online, be sure to only use a secure website and log off after you have completed your purchase. Monitor your bank account to be sure no unauthorized charges are made.



  • Enjoy parties and festivities responsibly. Always have a designated driver. Resist the temptation to drive home by taking a taxi or Uber to a party.
  • Be smart when lighting candles. During the holidays, the risks of house fires due to candles increase. Never leave candles burning unattended. Avoid putting candles or open flames never Christmas trees or other decorations.



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December 12, 2016

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