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“They taught us ‘bout good living and taught us right from wrong Lord, there’ll never be another place in this world that I’ll call home.” – Alan Jackson

Tanner Williams, Ala., is the small town that I call home. It is built on faith, love, and Sister Gayla cookies. I have always loved being home, but now that I am in Athens for most of the year, I have learned to really cherish the moments at home even more. There really isn’t much in Tanner Williams besides SideTrack gas station (they have really good burgers, pizza and cookies) and G&D feed store, so we keep ourselves busy with lots of outdoor activities!

When I was a little girl, my Paw would take me to SideTrack for breakfast every summer morning before we started our day in the garden or doing whatever he had planned for that day. We would eat breakfast with all the rest of the old retired men. I loved listening to them tell their stories … or lies I should say. My Paw passed in 2016, however I still love to start my mornings with breakfast with the men that are still with us today.

At least a couple times a week, I like to make my way to the feedstore. My cousins are the owners and I just like to go visit and play with the kids. Meme and Pawpaw’s house is a daily stop for me. My Meme is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and one of the best cooks as well. Lucky for me, I get fed very well while I am home. When I pull up to Meme and Pawpaw’s house, there is really no telling what my Pawpaw will have planned for the day; those two are truly my heart, so I know no matter what I enjoy anything we do together! Family is a big part of my life. My parents have always gone above and beyond for me and my brother and they are the reason I live the beautiful life that I do! Almost every day with my family, we go to Heritage Farms, which is a beautiful piece of land owned by our family’s best friends. Each day is a new adventure when we hang out on the farm; all the girls and boys soaking up the sun while never getting tired of our endless endeavors outdoors.

I have always loved the outdoors and it just so happens I live in what I like to call “God’s country,” filled with backroads, cow pastures, and the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. One of my favorite things to do while home is being my uncle’s helper, which means helping him with pinning and vaccinating the cows. Another thing that I enjoy doing is riding his ATV for hours. My best friends and I like to ride horses in the evenings when we can. Hunting is another shared outdoor hobby in our family; it is as much fellowship as it is a sport to us! I have found that some of my most cherished times in the woods hunting with the boys are something I will always remember. Dog River runs through my uncle’s land and we go down to the sandbar on the weekend. We watch the dogs play, put our floats out, and enjoy the sunshine and family time while we can.

My brother Luke and I are the best of friends. I am always his sidekick when I go home. My favorite thing to do with him is go frogging. Not many people know what this actually is! Out on the river in the middle of the night, with a spotlight, and a big sack full of bullfrogs is something that makes home so much fun. Everytime I go back home, this unique hobby is something I will always enjoy. I love to fish also and I got all my fishing talent from my pawpaw. He was bass angler of the year in the state of Mississippi for many years! He fished on FLW tours and bass fishermen all over the state of Mississippi know his name. When I would go fishing when I was younger, I spent most of the time hanging in the trees. Now, I realize those moments fishing were so much more than just fishing. I live a very simple life — I would rather spend quality time in the woods or on a river with my family and friends than a night on the town. Tanner Williams, Ala., doesn’t come with much, no fast foods or retail chains in sight, but this country girl will always call it home.

Go Dawgs,

Lacey Fincher – UGA Softball #44


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April 29, 2021

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