Tips for Navigating the Uncertain Job Market

Over the last few weeks, we know there have been many uncertainties and questions about the job and internship market. Please know that The Georgia Way, Leigh and the resources at the UGA Career Center are here to support you.  The UGA Career Center says it best in their recent post on social media: “we want to acknowledge that this is a difficult time, and we also want to provide you with as much helpful information, applicable resources, and career development support as we can.”

During this time, you can definitely still use online tools to apply through job search engines. Always diversify your efforts and connect with people to get the best results. There are a number of resources that are available to assist with your career development process.

Recent Articles

What to Do When a Job Offer Disappears… – Forbes
Highlights from the article: “It’s disappointing to be close to a job offer only to have it disappear. The fact that you got close, however, means you’re doing something right. You hit a snag, but you are clearly marketable. Keep up your job search, and the right job will come – it still might be this prospect that comes around!”

What to Do When a Summer Internship is Cancelled… – Forbes
Highlights from the article: “The first thing you should do if your summer plans are canceled is explore the option of working remotely. While this isn’t feasible for many jobs, it is for some. If your boss or mentor lets you know that they may be canceling their company’s internship program or stopping group lab work, ask if there is any way you can work from home and still add value to the project or company.

Job and Internship Search: Now What? – UGA Career Center
Highlights from the post: “If you’re searching for a full-time job or professional internship with a start date of this summer, keep applying through Handshake! Many employers are continuing their on-campus recruiting virtually.”  

General Tips

The more open you are to different opportunities and locations, the more positions you’ll find. Vary your keywords to find more results. Supplement applying online with reaching out to employers (try Handshake or LinkedIn to find contact info) using a message like this:

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. ____,

My name is ___, and I am writing to let you know of my interest in the ________ internship/job with _______ (name of company). I recently applied for the ____ position on your website, and I believe I am a strong candidate due to my _____ and _____ skills as well as my experience in _____ and _____. I’ve attached a copy of my resume and would greatly appreciate your consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone at ____ or by email at _____. Thank you for your time.


Online Resources

UGA Career Center: The UGA Career Center is offering a number of virtual services and resources to help students during this time.  They are providing virtual appointments, virtual drop-in hours, virtual events, UGA Mentor Program virtual mentee orientations, and more! In addition, the UGA Career Center is encouraging employers to consider virtual recruiting options.  They are asking employers to post jobs and internships on Handshake, host virtual events and information sessions, conduct virtual interviews, and participate in the UGA Mentor Program.

Handshake is a job board for UGA students and alumni where employers post full-time and part-time jobs, on- and off-campus opportunities, and internships; you can also find employers’ contact information under the “Employers” tab on Handshake

Indeed, Google, or other large, nationwide job boards have a variety of opportunities for students seeking a position in many industries and locations. Industry-specific job search engines is a more narrow way to search for roles in your field; try Googling your industry and “job search engine/board” to get started.

USA Jobs is best used if you’re looking for any federal or government roles- Idealist helps you find roles in non-profits across the country

Big Interview: Big Interview is an online interviewing software combining expert video lessons and interactive interview practice to help students land their dream job.

Candid Career: Whether you are just beginning to explore career options, preparing for a job interview, or looking to change careers, can help by providing you with access to thousands of informational video interviews with real professionals through an easy to use website. We can all learn from the experiences of others and the UGA Career Center makes this valuable resource available to UGA students so they may be informed and ready for what lies ahead.

Career Insider – powered by the Vault: Vault is one of the world’s leading sources of Career Intelligence.  It can help make your efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects significantly easier and more efficient.

Glassdoor: Glassdoor is a free jobs and career community that offers the world an inside look at jobs and companies. What sets us apart is our “employee generated content” – anonymous salaries, company reviews, interview questions, and more – all posted by employees, job seekers, and sometimes the companies themselves.

Interstride: Interstride is an interactive tool for both international and domestic students to enhance their international experience and employment potential. The platform consists of job-listings, hiring trends, employer information, self-assessments, and up-to-date immigration guidance. You can access Interstride using your UGA MyID email address.

Portfolium:  Your work and projects are undeniable proof of your skills – Portfolium will help you learn and allow you to display the top skills graduate schools and employers want. Portfolium is where you’ll upload your work, projects, presentations and more. The UGA Career Center has pre-loaded your profile to include the top skills graduate schools and employers seek in their candidates. Log-in to your profile to see how you can build your skills!

Remote Job/Internship Opportunities & Resources
With many offices transitioning into working from home and shifting to remote, online work, we wanted to bring you a list of resources to learn more about these types of opportunities.


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April 14, 2020

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