UGA at a Glance : Useful Websites & Resources

You’re now a student at the University of Georgia…what do you do now?! Below are websites that may help you navigate your time here at UGA.

University Websites:

Academic Websites:

  • Bulletin: Major and course descriptions
  • Degreeworks: Check degree progress and find out degree requirements
  • eLC: Class essentials
  • EMMA: Submit papers for ENGL 1101-1103
  • Teamworks: Updates on academic and athletic schedules
  • SAGE: Schedule appointments with your campus academic counselor
  • Web Assign: Used for CHEM, MATH, and STAT assignments

Important Resources:

Useful Apps:

  • Duo Mobile: Required App–must be downloaded to access eLC & Athena
  • Teamworks: Scheduling app to communicate with your team & counselors
  • UGA App: Quick access to information about UGA, including: bus routes & dining hall hours

Instructions & How-to Guides:


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August 16, 2019

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