The University of Georgia Athletic Association has multiple Safe Space locations. Student-athletes are encouraged to stop by one of these offices to talk. Space Space members are allies for the LGBT community and work to support all student-athletes. To learn more about Safe Space at UGA, please click here.


Rankin M. Smith, Sr. Student-Athlete Academic Center:

  • Lizz Bernstein – 2nd Floor (Writing Center)
  • Beth Dziedzic – 1st Floor
  • Haley Faulkner – 1st Floor
  • Leigh Futch – 2nd Floor
  • Courtney Gay – 1st Floor
  • Arryn Hassel – 2nd Floor
  • Ian Horvat – 1st Floor
  • Heather Jordan – 2nd Floor
  • Lovie Tabron – 2nd Floor

Butts-Mehre Building:

  • Josh Brooks – 4th Floor, Athletic Director’s Office
  • Glada Horvat – 4th Floor, Compliance Office
  • Rhonda Kilpatrick – 4th Floor, Compliance Office
  • Anna Randa – 1st Floor, Athletic Training Rehabilitation Room
  • Stephanie Ransom – 4th Floor, Business Office
  • Amy Thomas – 4th Floor, Human Resources

Stegeman Coliseum:

  • Hunter Hinkle – Equipment Room
  • Charlotte Warren – 4th Floor


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