Writing Center Tutor Application Form

The Writing Center is staffed by graduate students and other professionals with expertise in academic writing and experience in tutoring or teaching.  Writing Center tutors serve a wide range of student-athletes on an individual basis to provide assistance in all stages of the writing process and for any assignment, from FYC essays to graduate school statements of purpose.  Tutors have rosters of students with whom they regularly meet and may also conduct walk-in sessions.

  • In addition to upholding UGA’s Culture of Honesty, Writing Center tutors maintain strict compliance with UGA Athletic Association, NCAA and SEC regulations. 
  • A bachelor’s degree is required; we are not a peer-tutoring facility.
  • Tutors are expected to be fluent in English writing, reading, and speaking and to have excellent skills in editing for English grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, including citation and documentation in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles.
  • Consistent attention to detail is essential.
  • Excellent organization, time-management, and communication skills are required.
  • Willingness to perform basic office tasks (answering phone, making photocopies) is required.
  • Tutors earn $12.00 per hour.
  • Writing Center tutors work through the final exam period of each semester.
  • All positions are temporary, part-time, with no benefits.  Tutors work a maximum of 19 hours/week. Writing Center tutors who work elsewhere in the Rankin Smith support staff program may work a combined maximum of 19 hours per week.  Graduate students on assistantships must check with their departments to determine how many hours they may work in the Writing Center.
  • The Athletic Association does not provide parking.  Tutors cover the cost of their own parking.
  • Being hired as a tutor is not a guarantee of hours; tutoring assignments are made on the basis of tutor seniority and student-athlete need.
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