Bryan Kamau : Enhancing Skills for the Real World

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Bryan Kamau is a junior on the UGA Men’s Track/Field and Cross Country team. He is majoring in Financial Planning. Bryan had the opportunity to participate in an internship with a local State Farm Agency in the summer of 2016.

Bryan KamauThis past summer I had the opportunity to intern at a local State Farm agency. Interning at State Farm was an eye opening experience and has enhanced my skills for the real world after athletics. At the agency, there was a team of 7 people and 2 interns (including myself). Working with a team was one of the highlights of the internship, every single individual worked toward a common goal: helping the clients and gaining more customers. The agency owners had great leadership skills and I am thankful they chose me and the other intern to be part of their team. I looked up to the team members as they all got along and sincerely cared for each other and would always ask about each others family and check up on how everyone is doing. I remember how every Tuesday we had a team meeting and would discuss how everyone is doing and also talk about our goals for the week and how we will go about achieving them (and breakfast was also provided which I loved).

Myself and the other intern had several duties which included getting a property and casualty insurance license to perform most of our duties. It was not an easy exam but the agency gave us the proper tools to study and we both obtained our licenses. Once we received our licenses our duties included:

  • Developing and executing a business plan for prospect and lead generation
  • Learn about insurance and financial services
  • Participate in various marketing and service functions
  • Assist senior team members with daily activities

I have enjoyed spending my summer interning at State Farm, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to be there. I would encourage any student athlete who has the time to do an internship to take the opportunity and make the most of it.

Gaining the internship was not an easy process and I am thankful for the Georgia Way, Leigh Futch, and friends for the help during the process. Leigh helped me review and polish my resume which made a big difference when it came to applying to internships. Through the countless applications, many got turned down but friends kept encouraging me to keep trying and not give up on landing one. I enjoyed my summer at State Farm and will work toward applying to more internships for this upcoming summer. Thank you Georgia Way!



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October 24, 2016

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