Tyler Armistead : Dear Younger Me

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Dear younger me,

You’re probably in the outfield right now picking flowers, with no idea what’s in store for you. There will be struggles, injuries, and times you think you’re gonna break. You’ll be roaring with confidence just to have it torn down again. There will be people who will doubt what you can do, people rooting against you, and ones who don’t give you the credit you deserve. But you’ll prove them all wrong, and learn you can do anything you set your mind to. You’ll love the game and hate it, all at the same time, and there will be plenty of heartbreaking losses and exciting wins along the way. You’ll make amazing friends, have coaches that leave a lasting impact on your life, and a family who supports you every step of the way.

Then one day, Coach Lu and Coach Tony will take a chance on this little girl from the Small town of Butler, AL, and you’ll get to play at your dream school. You’ll get to go to the World Series and play on tv. You’ll hit your first college home run on your birthday against the University of Alabama with all of your family and friends cheering you on.

If I could tell you anything it would be to cherish every moment, because one day you’ll be a senior and time will be ticking down to the last time you lace up your cleats, the last time you make a diving catch, or celebrate with your teammates after a big win. It’s not gonna be easy, but you’ll look back knowing it was all worth it. Every second. Don’t give up, because you’re going to have the time of your life living out your dreams.

Tyler Armistead — UGA Softball


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February 9, 2021

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