Georgia Stefanidi : An Amazing Learning Experience


Georgia Stefanidi, a member of the Track & Field team, shares her experience during her Study Abroad Trip with Grady College to the Cannes Lion Festival.

This summer I was fortunate enough to study abroad in France for three weeks. Our journey started in Juan Le Pins, France. This year 60 girls had the opportunity to receive 6 credit hours while studying and exploring South France. The first week of the program was very relaxing since we didn’t have any assignments or projects due. We were done with class early every day, something that allowed us to do some sightseeing and explore the cities nearby. We went to Antibes, a very beautiful small town that reminded me of the Greek Islands. We visited Nice and guess what. It was very nice! We saw the Old Town, the port and many French flea markets. On Friday after class, we planned a two-day trip to Monte Carlo with a group of girls. The city was amazing and the view incredible from our small Airbnb. We met people from all around the world in every place we visited. We learned about the French culture and traditions.
The second week of the program was positively overwhelming. The Cannes Lions Festival took place from  Monday through Friday of the third week of June. The festival was an amazing, eye-opening experience. We got to attend multiple talks related to advertising and public relations current issues every day. We watched and talked to advertising experts, but also some celebrities, such as Ellen Pompeo, David Schwimmer, Conan, Shaquille O’Neal and many more. In addition, the faculty arranged some private meetings with former UGA students that work in big advertising companies. Those meetings were very helpful because we got to talk to these people and ask them questions in a more relaxing and friendly atmosphere. I also had the opportunity to attend some beach parties social gatherings and socialize with CEOs and Advertising Directors, something that helped me to get a couple job offers. The festival is a great way for seniors or graduates to find a job after college, of course, the ones related to the advertising industry.
Finally, the third week, we had to do a couple of projects for our classes, however, the work was not overloaded. In our free time, my friends and I visited a couple of small towns near our area such as Cap d-Ail and Vintimiglia. On our last week, we did some souvenir shopping, hang out with the locals, and went for a night dive. Moreover, the faculty arranged some scuba diving sessions for those that were interested, for a very good price. Thus, a lot of us decided to go for an adventure underwater! The last night of our program, we had a closing dinner with the UGA professors and faculty and the food was amazing. We drank, we danced and we said our final goodbyes.
Overall, this program offered me an amazing opportunity to do some networking, to learn more about my industry and make me love it even more! It helped me expand my knowledge and horizons on many social issues. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I would highly recommended to anyone interested in marketing, advertising or public relations. The lessons you learn just by studying abroad can not be taught in class. Thus, if you have the chance to go, just go! I would love to be able to attend the festival every year if I could!

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July 16, 2018

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