Hayley Sanders : Life Changing Experiences


Haley Sanders is a senior on the UGA Gymnastics Team. She is double majoring in Dietetics and Consumer Foods and had the opportunity to study abroad in the British Isles during the summer of 2017.

This summer, I participated in a food and nutrition study abroad program in the British Isles! During the trip, my 20 classmates and I traveled to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland in just 3 short weeks. Being a food and nutrition program, most of our “classes” involved learning about popular foods in the each country (this includes eating them!). We got to go on all kinds of fun trips including learning to make cheese at Wenesleydale, have high tea at the infamous Harrod’s, watch traditional Yorkshire pies be made, tour the Guinness storehouse, take a cooking class from a professional chef, visit a local bakery, and much more!

Many of these experiences were things I would have never thought to do if I was traveling to Europe alone, but I absolutely loved each one and I was able to learn a lot about the food culture in each country. Best of all- the bakery we visited offered to let any of us intern with him if we wanted to come back. Since returning to the US, I contacted him and am looking at possibly going to Ireland for a month next summer to work with him!

In each place we visited, are also got to do lots of the typical touristy things such as tour castles, see the crown jewels, see the Cliffs of Moher, and lots of other things! We also got a free day in each city we stayed in. Studying abroad is something I would recommend to everyone. Not only do you get to experience new and different cultures, but they are truly life changing experiences. This is my second study abroad I have been on and I wish I could go on more! Each trip has taught me so much, helped me grow as a person, helped me make lifelong friends, given me once in a lifetime opportunities, and provided me with valuable knowledge for my future career. I wouldn’t trade my time abroad for the world!
















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August 15, 2017

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