How to Be Successful During a Phone Interview

  • Startup Stock PhotosScheduling is important! Be sure to be in a quiet, comfortable place (or be able to get there quickly) when the phone rings.
    • If you are in a situation when you cannot talk – if you’re driving for example – ask if you could reschedule for a later time. **If the interviewer seems hesitant, go ahead and do the interview, he/she may not call back.
  • Have your resume, job description, and company information available at your fingertips. Gather any information you may need and have it set aside for when the interviewer calls.
  • Give more than “yes” and “no” answers. Since your voice is all the interview has to get to know you, paint pictures with your words. Practice answers that explain who, what, when, where, how, and why.
  • Yes, smile. Even though you’re on the phone, a positive tone can be conveyed through your speech. Let the interviewer know you are excited about the possibility of working for his/her organization.
  • Phone interviews are not the time or place to ask about salary and benefits. Leave this for the final stages of a in-person interview.
  • Write a thank you note expressing your appreciation for an opportunity to interview. Possibly include a brief summary of the strengths you discussed and your how you believe you would fit well into the organization.



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September 29, 2015

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