How to Interpret the iStartStrong Assessment

iStartStrongThe iStart Strong assessment was developed to help students understand their interests as it relates to possible majors. The assessment provides General Themes to describe personality and potential satisfying work environments. It also narrows the General Themes to Specific Interests – areas related to education, career fields, and activities.

After you take the assessment, you find out the top themes that correspond most closely to your personality. There are six General Themes:

  • Artistic – creators, expression through creativity
  • Conventional – organizers, collect and manage information
  • Enterprising – persuaders, lead and influence others
  • Investigative – thinkers, analyze and interpret data
  • Realistic – doers, enjoy using coordination and physical strength
  • Social – helpers, nurture and care for others

There are thirty specific interests that correlate to the different themes. The results provide you with good descriptions of each interest and possible careers fields related to your interests. If you do not see your desired career in your suggested top themes and interests, it does not mean you should change your direction. The results are designed to help guide you in your decisions; however, they are not concrete results. Many people fall within several categories, but one or two is usually more dominant than the others.



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January 3, 2016

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