How to Interpret the Strong Interest Inventory Assessment

strongThe Strong Interest Inventory is not an assessment of skills or abilities, but rather a measure of interests. It creates suggested careers based on your interests. There are several sections to the assessment.

Section 1: General Themes – describes interests, personal values, and work activities in six areas.

  • Realistic (R) – tradition, practicality, physical coordination
  • Investigative (I) – independence, curiosity, analytical
  • Artistic (A) – originality, imagination, creativity
  • Social (S) – cooperation, generosity, people skills
  • Enterprising (E) – risk taking, status, competitive
  • Conventional (C) – accuracy, stability, attentions to details 

Section 2-4: Three scales – Basic Interest, Occupational, and Personal Style – identify your preferences, motivations, and likes/dislikes in various occupations.

Section 5-6: A Profile and Response Summary provides a snapshot of your profile and summarizes your responses within each category.





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January 4, 2016

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