Importance of a Mentor


Mentors are experienced and trusted advisors; individuals who speak truth into your life and encourage you through both joyful and difficult seasons. You can have multiple mentors in your life to help you in your development as a student, an athlete, a professional, a friend, and a citizen. Mentorships can take some work to cultivate, but these valuable relationships are well worth your time. Mentorships can teach you lessons such as…

  1. Life skills. Mentors teach best business/personal behaviors, appropriate practices and protocols.
  2. Vision. Mentors support you in your goals. They give you direction to achieve your career and life dreams. They can also give you a different perspective on your current challenges in life.
  3. Community. Mentors provide a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation. The mentor-mentee relationship creates a partnership where both parties can pour into each other’s lives.
  4. Wisdom. You can learn life lessons from your mentor’s successes and failures. Mentors can give you insights on how they dealt with specific experiences in life.
  5. Talent development. Mentors have many years of practical knowledge that allows them to spot unique gifts. They will help cultivate the talents they recognize in you.
  6. Safe space. Mentors are sounding boards to voice ideas and discuss what is going on in your life. They make themselves available to listen.
  7. Valuable feedback. Mentors can make suggestions to improve your skills and develop you as an individual.
  8. Humility. Mentors give you someone to look up to. Through mentorships, you will understand how much you still have to learn and grow. This will create humility in the ways you approach others and make you more open to constructive feedback.



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February 11, 2016

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