What to Type in Your Cover Letter?


  • Address your cover letter to the person hiring. This may require you to research the person’s name and job title on the company’s website or LinkedIn.
    • Avoid “To whom it may concern.” A personalized letter shows you are passionate about career. After you have done an exhaustive search and still cannot find a name, you may use a generic address like ‘Hiring Manager.’
  • Include a ‘hook’ in the first sentence. Intrigue the employer to keep reading.
  • Explain WHY you want to work for the company. This demonstrates you have spent time exploring more about the company and are passionate about its mission.
  • Explain HOW your skills match what the company needs. Focus on specific skills rather than general skills. Explain technical or work-related skills. Focus on how you will help the company.
  • Try to include “buzz words” from the posted job description. Matching your cover letter with the company’s wish list for a potential employee will signal to the company you understand what is required of you.
  • Include a thank you in the closing paragraph and state your intention to follow up. After a few days, contact the HR team to verify they have received your application.
  • Allow your personality to shine through your letter. Do not simply re-write your resume.
  • Keep it short and sweet (about half page).
  • Edit! Check for grammatical errors.



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October 13, 2015

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