How to Manage Your Time as a Student-Athlete

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How to Manage Your Time as a Student-Athlete

Time management is a reoccurring problem that student-athletes face. The following articles were posted on College Xpress and Beyond the Game and provide some helpful tips on how to effectively manage your time as a student AND an athlete.

Time Management

“Your time is ultimately yours and yours alone. Make the most of it. Make every second count.”
 — Bob Bly




As a student-athlete, you understand that time and schedule challenges are part of the game. Conflicts will occur. Deadlines must be met. Promises must be kept. The life of a student-athlete is orderly and chaotic. Adaptability and an open mind are your teammates, not your opponents.

The secret to your success is in becoming a highly proactive individual. Just as your anticipation skills are vital to your on-court success, your ability to plan ahead and take charge of your time is inextricably linked to your overall well-being as a student-athlete.

Below are a few tips to help you be as productive as possible with your time:

1. Spend less time on social media – Facebook and Twitter are great for keeping up with friends and current events, but they can also be extremely time-consuming. Consider spending one hour less each day on social media and allocate that time accordingly.

2. Spread out the work – If your teacher gives you advance notice on tests, projects or book assignments, get started right away. Take time to divide the work and do a little each day rather than cramming everything the night before it’s due.

3. Use a calendar/organizer – There are so many ways to stay organized and keep you on task. If you prefer to see everything in writing, buy a planner. Otherwise, Google Calendar is a great organizational tool as it syncs your activities to your smartphone. It can even send you text message alerts to remind you to be somewhere!

4. Plan ahead – Use your planner or Google Calendar wisely. If you know you’ll miss class and/or a test or assignment because of sports, talk with your teacher earlier rather than later to ensure you cover all of your academic bases.

5. Make a weekly agenda – Allocate your time throughout your week wisely. If you have an event on Thursday, get your work done on Tuesday or Wednesday. Set deadlines for yourself so everything happens when it needs to.

6. Use your weekends wisely – Down time is essential to keeping yourself sane. Sleeping late and hanging out with friends are great, but make sure to set aside some time for getting a head start on next week’s assignments.

7. Turn off your phone during study time – Studying and homework require all your attention. Text messages, Facebook updates and Snapchats can easily distract you and don’t allow for good studying.

8. Learn to say no – It’s great to be involved in your school, but you must know your limits. Becoming too involved in extracurricular activities can sometimes make your grades suffer. Only sign up for what you know you can handle.


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