Managing Your Web Presence

  • Google yourself… What can you find out about you? Is it representative of you? If you were an employer, would you hire you after looking at your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn? Find out how magicyou are represented online.
  • Actively engage. Follow industry leaders or companies you are interested in. Use social media to your advantage.
  • Improve your online profile. Update your LinkedIn – include interests and skills, not just education and job experience.
  • Erase any embarrassing moments and clean up what you don’t like. Delete any old post that may create a negative perception or limit visibility. Know and control your privacy options.
  • Think before you post and manage your digital footprint. If it’s not something you would want the public to know, don’t post it. Social media is great because we get to share our lives with friends and family, but be careful of oversharing. Employers judge the character and attitude of a person by what he/she posts.
  • Routinely check in on your digital image.



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February 1, 2016

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