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Quintunya Chapman : A Great Learning Experience

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Quintunya Champan is a recent graduate who participated on the UGA Women’s Track and Field team.  She majored in Health Promotions and had the opportunity to participate in an internship with Athens Regional Medical Center during the summer of 2016.

Quintunya ChapmanMy internship experience with Athens Regional Medical Center has been a great learning experience. I have had the opportunity to network within the hospital to start a safety program, “Safe Zone”, to improve finances and isolation patient satisfaction. Having a supervisor with clear expectations and a welcoming team has been very helpful in accomplishing my tasks to implement the pilot program on one of the floors in the hospital. I have met with directors and educators of different departments of the hospital to come up with solutions to effectively implement the Safe Zone with their staff members. Likewise, I have also had to meet the staff members to conduct in-service meetings during their shifts to explain the regulations and the process of proper implementation of the Safe Zone. During this entire process, I was responsible for making flyers, posters, PowerPoints, etc. in order to promote the program to their departments.

Overall, I truly enjoy working with my Infection Prevention department and learning to work with a team that finds solutions in order to decrease infections within the hospital.  I have learned to work as a professional individual as well as on a team of professionals. Getting work done under both circumstances are really beneficial to developing as a professional in any field. Moving into the future, I can use my experiences to fully develop other programs and interact with professionals to contribute to the greater good of the community.



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October 19, 2016

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