Steven Van Tiflin : Connections that will last a Lifetime


Steven Van Tiflin is a junior on the UGA Football team. He is a finance major and had the opportunity to intern with the National Football League’s Player’s Association during May 2017.

My time as an intern was full of learning and gaining insight on how an organization carries out its business. My teammate Aaron and I were prepared to establish connections that will last a lifetime. We had many opportunities to sit down with associates of various departments and hear what fills their day-to-day schedules. I enjoyed being able to talk football with all of them, but it was great being able to get down to business. My personal favorite was meeting with attorneys on the legal team, as I plan to go to law school after my football career.

Overall our schedule was relaxed, but full at the same time. Our mornings consisted of traveling from office to office meeting with anyone that was available to share their role in serving aspiring, current, and former NFL players. After lunch, we would help out with any projects we could. In one project, we helped find a location for a collegiate all-star game that they put on; it was awesome being able to see the other side of things as a current collegiate football player. The NFLPA is the player’s union. That being said, I learned that those working at the NFLPA serve at the will and pleasure of the players. In other words, the player’s interest is always in focus. I witnessed a culture that genuinely cared about those it served. I was humbled to be given such an opportunity and I hope to work with these people again as a player.




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June 20, 2017

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