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Summer Burnett : A Good Preview of Life to Come

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Summer Burnett is a senior on the UGA Soccer Team. She is a accounting and finance major and obtained an internship with Tanger Factory Outlet Center’s Corporate Office during the summer of 2016.

My past three summers have been spent in Athens taking classes and training for the fall season. Although I value the time I’ve spent in Athens working on my fitness, my priorities were different leading up to this summer. When it came time to decide how I would spend this summer, I decided to do something I haven’t had the chance to do before-an internship!! I accepted an accounting internship in Greensboro, NC at Tanger Factory Outlet Center’s corporate office.

To make the decision to spend my entire summer away from Athens and my team was very hard. It meant that I would have to find a way to train on my own and still be ready for the fall. At the same time, it also meant I would take my first step toward a future career in public accounting by gaining professional experience. Besides, it is for good reason that the “student” comes before “athlete” when referring to college athletes as “student-athletes.”

Currently, I am half way through my internship and I am very happy I accepted this opportunity. I have had meaningful work to do since my first day and I have learned so much. Aside from work, I have learned a lot from being on my own in a new city. It is a good preview of what my life would be like if I decide not to return home after college.

As far as training for the fall, I have been able to do that here in Greensboro. My head coach, Billy Lesesne, was able to help me get on the roster of a summer league team nearby. I am also able to do the team workouts on my own. Any fear that I had about not being prepared for the fall has gone away.

I would recommend this experience to any and all student-athletes. I know first-hand how important it is to train for your sport during the summer, but it is equally important to further your education outside of the classroom and in a professional environment.



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July 13, 2016

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