The Art of the Interview Follow-Up

  • Before you leave the interview, ask about next steps and the best method of contact. This will give you an acceptable timeframe for when it’s appropriate to follow up.
  • Send a thank you note! (right away)
  • Stay front of mind. Don’t be pushy, but keep your name current. Email individual an article you thought was interesting or a note if you see him/her in the newspaper.
  • If appropriate email supporting documentation. If you spoke about a relevant project you did in class, email the portfolio piece along with the thank you note to reinforce your expertise and interest.
  • Look for influential contacts to the company and call on them. If you know someone hire up in the company, ask them to acknowledge your interview to the recruiter. Look for UGA alumni or former student-athletes.
  • Keep the job search going.
  • Be gracious in accepting a “no.” If an employer sees you handle constructive criticism or rejection well, they may call on you in the future.



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September 28, 2015

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