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The Benefits of Appreciation

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We have a tendency to take for granted all we have. We focus on what we want to change, rather than treasure what is good in our lives such as our health, our relationships, our ability to participate in sport, and our opportunity to receive a valuable education.

Feelings of ungratefulness are cyclical. We think, “If only such and such would change, we would be happier or more productive.” When we finally receive what we wanted, we immediately focus on the next thing. We become desensitized to the everyday joys of life and all that is going well. Appreciation helps break the cycle of never being satisfied. It creates space to find stillness in the busyness of life.

In sport, you learn success is a process full of ups and downs. The same is true in life. Take time to reflect on the small steps you have accomplish to get to where you are. Celebrate the milestones as well as the small bits of success.

Exhibiting appreciation in all circumstances is a powerful leadership trait.

Appreciation turns obstacles into opportunities. Challenges present possibilities of growth. By welcoming the process of overcoming trials, you are able to approach the situation with positive mindset rather than a negative one.

Appreciation can bring abundance into your life. Demonstrating thankfulness for all things brings a positive atmosphere into your relationships, sport, school, and home. Showing others you appreciate them will raise their morale and increases their desire to work hard.

If we’re honest, we all have a desire to feel valued. Expressing your gratitude for others and acknowledging their actions will encourage them. In work, sport, or school, the best practice to show your appreciation is frequently, immediately, specifically, and honestly. Appreciation is a free gift that goes a long way to enhance the lives of others.



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March 16, 2016

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