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The Georgia Way has partnered with CampusTap to create The Georgia Way Network. The social networking platform was designed to facilitate conversations between current and past student-athletes as well as among alumni. You can customize how you’d like to participate whether you’d like to share knowledge, expertise and experiences with student-athletes, or post career opportunities. There will also be designated groups you can join in order to further tailor your experience to your interests. 

One of the functions we are most excited about is the ability to pair past and current student-athletes in mentoring relationships. Imagine LinkedIn meets You add your professional experience, industries and interests, then you will be matched with individuals who have similarities. We think this will revolutionize how our student-athletes – past and present – engage in conversations and help one another out.

The Georgia Way was designed with both current and former Georgia Bulldogs in mind. We seek to prepare current student-athletes for their lives after they leave Athens as well as assist graduated Bulldogs with career transitions, networking, and a sense of belonging to the Bulldog Nation years after they leave UGA.

Think about this: 21 sports on campus + 580 current student-athletes + over 7,500 former student-athletes = endless connections. We want to be a mediator for all generations of Georgia Student-Athletes, and we believe the CampusTap platform will help us achieve this dream; however, we need your help. This will work best if all Bulldogs unite.

Best Practices:

  • Join your sports group
  • Add to the conversation by posting articles, updates, and blogs
  • Connect to a mentor/mentee
  • Schedule mock interviews, informational meetings, or job shadowing opportunities
  • Build your team – whether it’s industry-based or interest-based craft a team that will help you prepare to be the best you
  • Be bold. We are all Bulldogs – no need to be shy. We are all on the same team and are here to help each other out. 


The Georgia Way Network (via CampusTap) Additional Features:

  • Group Discussions
  • In App Messaging
  • Tailored Newsfeed
  • Events Calendar
  • Job and internship Board
  • Company Board





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September 15, 2017

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