The Power of Numbers – Quantifying Your Resume

By adding numbers to your resume, you paint a picture in the interviewer’s mind of the direct impact you had in each of your roles. Here are some examples of how to quantify your resume.

Range – if you don’t know an exact number, use a range.

  • Before: Responsible for helping children at a summer football camp
  • After: Instructed 15 – 20 children on the skills of football during the Kirby Smart Football CampCalculator

Frequency – describe how frequently you perform a task

  • Before: Attended multiple swim practices each week
  • After: Dedicated 20 hours each week to weight training and swim practice

Scale – describe the magnitude of your accomplishment

  • Before: Handled the team’s budget for t-shirts and activities
  • After: Managed the $2,000 UGA Soccer Team’s budget to plan team trip and team-building activities
  • Before: Placed at the track and field conference meet
  • After: Earned a 3rd place finish at the SEC Track and Field Championship



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October 13, 2015

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