Tough Topic : Salary Negotiations


What to do when the employer asks you how much you’re worth?

  • Research the average for your industry, location, and position level before going into the interview.
  • Wait for the discussion. Avoid being the first to bring up the salary. This will demonstrate you are more excited about the opportunity to work for the company than the potential of money.
  • Be flexible. Offer a range rather than a specific dollar figure.
  • Explain your worth. Use your assets and experience to prove why you deserve the salary you requested.
  • Give the company time to think about your salary, especially if it is much higher than the company originally offered. Often, the interviewer will have to check with others in the company and do not have the power to agree to your requests.
  • Be creative in your negotiations. Benefits and perks are also up for discussion. If an employer is unable to negotiate money, ask about non-cash packages to bridge the gap.
  • Negotiate Performance Pay. If a company wants you but can only offer you a low figure, ask if a bonus for performance is possible.
  • Try not to show disappointment.
  • End the conversation on a light, friendly note. Thank the individual for his/her time and the opportunity to interview.



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October 12, 2015

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