Virtual Interview – Winning the Webcam

  • Check and double-check your technology – test connectivity, camera, microphone.
  • Prepare your backdrop – remove all clutter from around your computer, have a clear, blank canvas, nothing distracting.
  • Attire is still important.
  • Body position is vital – interviewer’s focus is concentrated. Sit up straight, position your head and shoulders in the frame (lean into the frame, try not to lean back), and maintain good eye contact (look at webcam, not at screen!)
  • Take your time like you would in a face-to-face interview. Do not feel rush to fill dead air.
  • Practice! Know your appropriate volume. Skype with friends and family beforehand to be comfort speaking into the screen. Avoid looking at yourself in the mini-screen.
  • Stay positive. Even when technology glitches, a calm, collective attitude will overcome any frustration on both ends.



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September 22, 2015

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