Why Send Thank You Notes

Sending a hand-written thank you note is important for many reasons:

  1. A thank you card shows your appreciation to the individual who took time out of his/her schedule to spend with you. By taking the time to hand write a note, it communicates your gratefulness, which will make the individual feel that his/her time was well spent.
  2. A hand-written note is personal. It says you are willing to spend time – thoughtfully writing and going to the post office – to say thank you. If you are unable to find a physical address, an email will suffice. It’s better to send a note of thanks, rather than none at all.
  3. A thank you note shows you are diligent and conscientious. It demonstrates that you carefully consider what people say to you, and follow through on conversations. It takes time to write, and you have to remember to send the card. This actions reflects how you would act in the workplace.
  4. A thank you card can separate you from your peers. You will mostly likely be more memorable than your peers who did not send thank you notes. Your card will reinforce your meeting in the minds of professionals.
  5. A thank you card is simple manners. Sending a card is the polite thing to do whenever someone helps you or your receive something from another.


Below is a template for writing your thank you card after a networking event.

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Last Name],

Thank you for sharing your professional expertise with me at the Georgia Football Networking Event. I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to invest in me and my teammates. I had a great time learning about your company and your experiences. [Insert something interesting or something you learned from your conversation].

[Sign Your Name]




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July 26, 2017

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