Creating Your Career Portfolio

A career portfolio is a collection of materials that showcases your skills as a professional, and provides a comprehensive look at your qualifications and achievements.

When making a career portfolio, it is best to put a copy (keep the original) of each item in a 3-ring binder with sheet protectors. You can choose to put materials in chronological order or functional order – just make sure you have consistent headings and formatting throughout.

A career portfolio typically includes:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Reference page
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Educational certificates, professional certifications, licenses, and degrees
  • Transcript (only include if you are just a couple years out of school)
  • Awards, honors, or other items of recognition
  • Work samples (projects, presentations, reports, proposals, or other relevant work samples)
  • Positive performance reviews

Similar to cover letters and resumes, a career portfolio should be tailored to your desired occupation or job listing. The more relevant the materials in the portfolio are to employers, the more it will benefit you. There’s no need to include every project you have ever completed. Be comprehensive, but concise, and, as always, proofreading is a must.



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May 15, 2017

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