Advice for UGA Graduates : What You Need to Know

Congratulations!! You can officially walk through The Arches, and proudly ring the bell in victory. You made it! This new adventure will be full of transitions; however, one thing that will remain constant is you are forever a Dawg. To help ease this transition of uncertainty, excitement, and new beginnings, we wanted to share with you what you need to know now that you’ve graduated.

The Georgia Way is a resource for you even after you leave Athens as an alum. If you need networking help, advice on career advancement / changes, or want to mentor current student-athletes, never hesitate to reach out for assistance. You can also refer to our blogs or resources on The Georgia Way for career, personal, and financial advice. 

The Life After Athletics video series is meant to encourage you in the transition from athletics to becoming a successful professional. In the series, student-athlete alumni share the joys and challenges of joining the working world. Sometimes there is comfort in acknowledging the changes you may face – like no longer living within five minutes of all 30 of your teammates or having scheduled, mandatory workout time – but there are also many things to look forward to after you leave Athens. Later, when you get settled, we welcome you to share your story and cheer on later generations of Bulldogs. We love to hear stories from our alumni.

You should connect with your local UGA Alumni Association Chapter. Local chapters are great opportunities to build community in a new city. You know you will have at least one thing in common with everyone you meet – you bleed Red & Black. You will have common references for the stories others tell about their time in Athens. Most importantly, y’all will be able to bark together as you cheer on the Bulldogs.

Lastly, create a new email (if you don’t have one already) and start forwarding your UGA Mail to it. Respond to people from your new email address. You will have access to your MyID (UGA Mail) for 12 months after you graduate. The UGA Alumni Association no longer offers email accounts, so after 12 months, your MyID will be deleted. Please don’t forget to let us know your new email and what you are doing post-graduation by filling out the form below. You are forever a Georgia Bulldog. The Georgia Way, along with The G Club, is here to cultivate a family network.

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May 9, 2017

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