Grace Cherrey : Expanding My Horizons

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Grace Cherrey is studying Marketing and is on the Gymnastics Team. In May, she had the opportunity to participate in UGA’s Study Abroad program. Read about her experiences below.

This Maymester I was fortunate enough to to study abroad. I had had my eye on this opportunity for years. I was told about it on one of my unofficial visits and was determined to make it happen. Not many athletes are given an opportunity to study abroad, and I was not going to let it slip through my fingertips. The fact that UGA had programs that would accommodate the training regime of a Divison I athlete’s training schedule was incredible, and I was eager to experience all that Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji had to offer. 
Studying business internationally was incredible. The things I learned could not have been taught from a text book; from seeing the impacts of Australian gentrification first hand, to witnessing the adverse impacts of a tourist dependency in New Zealand, to learning about the economically efficient strategies major cities are utilizing to rebuild after earthquakes. It is safe to say that I became familiarized with content that I had been completely oblivious to prior. Seeing the impact such events had on the economy and respective businesses was extremely valuable, and were things I would consider resume builders. These experiences will go far, giving me insight that I hope will help to differentiate me from others in a competitive environment. 
Culturally, I was exposed to a new world. Between three different countries, I was submerged in entirely new environments, all of which varied and were unique in their own ways. Having the opportunity to witness different traditions and values was incredible, and quite humbling at times. I learned so much, and appreciated every moment. 
My study abroad was life changing. From the unforgettable and aesthetically pleasing sights of the Great Barrier Reef and Opera House, to the interactive field modules which included hiking and swimming with dolphins, to the new friendships and relationships developed, I highly recommend taking advantage of the University of Georgia’s study abroad programs.
Thank you to The Georgia Way for providing me with the grant which allowed me to embark on this experience of a lifetime. It truly was something I will never forget.





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June 23, 2018

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