Setting Up Direct Deposit

Setting Up Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a electronic transfer of a payment directly from a payer to your account. It allows your money – whether scholarship, reimbursement, or (future) payroll earnings – to be deposited automatically into your bank account. It’s an easy and safe way to ensure same-day access to your money and you never have to worry about losing your check.

Setting up your direct deposit is relatively quick. You must first have a checking or savings account at your bank in order to provide the following information:

  • Type of Account: checking or savings
  • Routing Number (RTN): first 9 digits on your check
  • Account Number: middle numbers on your check including zeros (max. 13 digits)

personal-check copy

When filling out your direct deposit, you will need to complete the following form the UGA Athletic Association: Direct Deposit Request – Employees, Student Assistants, Interns GA’s June 2014. For enrollment for the university’s direct deposit program for financial aid disimbursements, you will need to complete the online form. Follow the steps below.

Login to Athena > Go to Student > Student Account > Access Student Account > (Login) > eRefunds > Add Account 

Athena 2   Capture3  Athena

Be sure to check with future employers for their payroll direct deposit form. Usually you will need to provide them with a blank check. Don’t forget to write “VOID” across the check.

Monitor your account. It may take a month or two before the Direct Deposit goes into effect. If you want, you can sign-up for alerts to be notified when a direct deposit is available in your account.



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October 20, 2015

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