internship Program



The Georgia Way Internship Program encourages student-athletes to independently apply and obtain internships to further their career goals. This grant gives student-athletes the opportunity to receive financial assistance to offset the costs of completing an outside internship.



Each year, student-athletes will have the opportunity to submit an application to be considered for The Georgia Way Internship Program. This application is due on April 15th. After the deadline, a selection committee will review all applications and the recipients will be notified in a timely manner. Awareness of the leadership grant program will be facilitated through the administration, S.A.A.C. & L.E.A.D. members, head coaches and academic support staff.


Interested?  Apply below.  

Leigh Futch, J.D.

Leigh Futch, J.D.

Assistant Athletic Director – The Georgia Way
Office: 706.542.0982

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