Applying for dental school can be intimidating. We want to make it easier by offering a guideline to the application process provided by the UGA Pre-Dental School Executive Board. For additional information, please visit Pre-Health Advising Office on campus.

If you have any questions along the way, call AADSAS for help (they’re quick and super useful), or come by The Georgia Way office. Request transcripts first, go to the application to download transcript matching forms for EACH college you have taken courses at (includes dual-enrollment/study abroad). You can also order school transcripts on Athena.


Personal Information: Biographic info, contact info, environmental factors, parent info, manual dexterity (600 characters max)


Academic History: high school, college, transcript entry, DAT scores

  • Transcript entry is matching courses by hand (time consuming) or professional service (pay ~$60 to ADEA), input info for future classes too, AP classes entered as Freshman   year Summer (prior to the fall semester you attended college)
  • DAT scores entered unofficial, also validate after calling AADSAS to make it official


Supporting Information: Evaluations, experiences, achievements, personal statement (4500 characters max)

  • Use Interfolio if letter writers are going to finish before the app opens (pay for Interfolio to hold letters (useful in case you have to reapply) and they will generate a personal email link to upload to AADSAS to send each letter in confidentially)
  • Use experiences section to input volunteering/research/shadowing and only input hours that have actually been completed at the time
  • You can highlight up to 10 experiences that are most important to you


Program Materials: each school will ask to link your courses entered to their required prerequisites, some schools will ask additional questions (similar to secondary apps)

  • Certain schools will only ask questions and no secondary app
  • Certain schools will not ask questions on this primary app so look out for secondary apps that come out later in summer
  • Certain schools will just ask for a secondary app fee with no actual essay questions
  • Submit each school as the questions are completed rather than submitted all at once when every school is completed


Additional Information:

  • Status page will let you know when materials are received and invited for interviews
  • Some people start their personal statement in June, but recommend starting early (most started in January or March) and get drafts looked over by other people
  • Try to submit before August, but recommend before mid-July (check each school’s deadlines for submission to have all materials in such as DAT scores and recommendation letters)
  • Interviews start in August and can go all the way until spring semester

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April 18, 2018

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